Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 19: Smooth Ride, Colorful Dorado, Comfortable Silence

Finally, in the final 24 hours of our 20-day voyage, we have settled
into the smooth downwind sailing we have heard so much about from others
who cruise west from the U.S. The larger swells that were knocking us
on our side subsided, leaving gentle swells that roll under us, giving
the boat a nice massage and peaceful back-to-front rocking motion. A
steady 15-20 knots of wind allows our sails to fill, lift the boat up
and pull us forward.

As an extra special treat on our last offshore day, we caught two
beautiful dorado (mahi-mahi). Carmen and I reeled one of them in this
time, and both Carmen and Nyki have taken over the task of hauling the
fish onboard and removing the hooks. These fish are so spectacular
looking, to me they will always remind me of this journey – their colors
capturing the myriad blues and greens of the sea and sky, and the way
they morph from blue to green to yellow to spotted to silver to gold
mimick the changeable weather and unpredictability of our course. They
have brought joy and camaraderie to us throughout the trip. Thank you,
Mother Earth, for providing us with this spectacular show and delicious

It's been quiet on board today. Not a lot of chit chat or discussion
of what is coming up. Instead, a comfortable silence has settled upon
us. I spent a lot of time on the bow, soaking up the sun, watching the
cloud shapes above, and most of all listening to the unique sounds of
sailing, making a mental recording (and an iphone recording) to tap into
when I am landlocked and in need of some inspired peace. The waves and
swell as they race underneath our hull, their gentle splash and
slapping, the wind through the rigging, even the hum of the wind
generator and the unmistakable whirr of a fishing pole with a Fish On!
These will always bring a smile to my face.

That's All, Folks! Tomorrow evening we should be tied to a dock near
Kona, Hawaii.

2,637 nautical miles from Mexico, 185 nautical miles to go


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