Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 2: Blue Sea, Sailing West

Another 24 hours have passed aboard Sweet Dreams, and Mother Nature
brought us beautiful wind and seas, clear skies and comfortable temps.
We clip along at about 6-7 knots and are slowly clocking from SSW to
West, toward our destination of Hilo, Hawaii.

With about 2300 more nautical miles to go, we have completed about 205
nautical miles entirely under sail, no engine needed! In fact, not only
are we NOT putting fossil fuel pollution into the atmosphere, but we are
making our own green energy with six solar panels and a wind generator.
I love this feeling.

Carmen has begun taking a shift, the 5:00 – 8:00am shift, with Captain
Jim. She is learning how to monitor AIS, keep us on our course, and
adjust the sails.

Finally, what I really wanted to share is the incredible feeling of
moving along the gently rolling swells of this big beautiful blue sea.
The color when you look down at it is an amazing azure. I don't know
how to describe it - deeper than sky blue and with a magical brilliance.
And the rolling, it is like beautiful rolling hills of western
Connecticut, but instead of your car rolling over the hills, the hills
themselves are actually rolling underneath you.

So sweet.

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