Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 12: A Cabin Day At Sea

Our family has a cabin in Seldovia. It is off the grid, simple, and
feels like a little slice of heaven to us. When we go there from
Anchorage, our worry lines vanish, we breathe deeper. We frequently
spend most of the day in our pajamas, or in the same gruby clothes we
always wear at the cabin. Our daily activities involve chopping wood,
doing repairs or upgrades around the property, whacking weeds, going for
walks, or when we're feeling more energetic, going for a kayak paddle or
a sail up the bay. One of the things we do a lot of there is sleep.
Once back in Anchorage, we occasionally wake up on a Sunday and declare
that "today will be a cabin day." I needed one of those today. Out
here sailing Sweet Dreams, life is busy. We are constantly in motion,
trimming sails, making repairs, cooking and cleaning and doing all of
the day to day chores one needs to do anywhere. The one thing we don't
do a lot of is sleep. We sleep in chunks, a few hours here, a few hours
there. Our nighttime sleep is interrupted by a night watch. And
sometimes that sleep we do get is so full of rocking and rolling that it
is nearly impossible to drift deeply into that precious REM cycle that
we need.
Today I awoke with a heavy-lidded feeling. When I was a teenager I
slept for hours and hours, burrowing under the pillows and blankets on a
weekend morning. Today I felt like that grumpy growing teen. And
luckily I am among friends and partners in this adventure who took one
look at me and told me to go back to bed. It felt luxurious and I felt
guilty doing it, but I basically slept the day away. I got to have a
cabin day.
So now I feel better, a little bit more myself, although my usual
chatterbox self has still not emerged. I bet the other crew were
pleased to have a bit more peace and quiet today. And I am grateful for
their allowing me to indulge in as much of day off as we can have here.
Our progress as of today: 1,578 nautical miles; Remaining: 1,239


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