Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Universe

    I suppose it depends how you look at it. In the eyes of a mother or a father, it would seem like the child (or children) are the sun of their universe. But in the eyes of a child, the mother and father would definitely be the sun. We gravitate toward it. That yin-yang swirl of light that we see by. We gravitate toward it when needing food or warmth. As I wrote in a poem once, "My moher is like the sun, sometimes shining with a calming grace, and other times scorching the world with her blinding fury."
    A family is a universe, and just as no universe is the same, no family is very alike. I am lucky enough to have a yin-yang sun that cancles it's self out perfectly. My mother is demanding, pushing, and angry, yet fiercely loyal and  brave for all that she loves. But my father is more the calm and quiet type, he is a gentle giant; intimidating until you get to know him. Then he is like the song of a dove in the morning. 
    My brother and I are two diffrent planets, but we manage to live in the same space, among the same stars. We orbit our parents in a line so similar and close, it is almost like we are one. But no solar system can be perfect. And every once in a while one of us accidentaly wobbles too far out of our ring and clashes with the other, and we are thrown apart, but the families' gravity always pulls us back into line. And we maintain a nearly smooth course.
    My family means the world to me.
    No. More than that.
    My family creates my universe, a calm place to rest in a swrling ocean of rip-tides and rogue waves. My home. My life. My soul. Me.

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