Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweet Dreams Reunion

Carmen and I spent two days soaking up the energy in Sedona, where an ancient sea's spires rise upward in red rock magnificence, where the peaceful desert with agave and cactus meets oak creek canyon at about 4,500 feet with burbling creek water sliding over smooth rocks among towering pines, oak, aspen, maple.   

We left this place full.   Content.  The beginning of our new relationship taking root.  Perhaps the magic of the "vortex" entered us.  Or perhaps we found our own magic in the stillness, in the blues and reds and greens.  In the warmth and sunlight.

Today we arrived in Phoenix with a hug from Jim saying "the crew has arrived!"   Carmen and Nikki jumped right back into best friend togetherness, talking and laughing and splashing in the pool as if no time had passed.  Colton razzing them in that big brother sort of way.  Richard was a palpable missing part if this four person gang.  

And in a funny way, I felt at home.  With Gina and Jim and their family.  During dinner we reminisced about Mexocan sailing stories, laughed a whole lot about flipping dinghies at Tenacatita.  And I realized why we are here.   To share and to help.   To sail and to travel.   To make memories and deepen friendships.  

Tomorrow will be a day of shopping and provisioning, and by Thursday night we should be in Mexico.  Sleeping on the beach or aboard Northern Passage.  The second leg of our journey completed.  Two more legs to go.  

Bring it on!!!

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