Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making a U-Turn and Staying Here Now

Since July 2012 we have been sailing south.  Away from the cold, away from home.  Away from work, school and everyday responsibilities.  Toward a dream.

Today we turned around.  We are heading north (well, west and north).  Away from the heat.  Away from the dream.  Toward home. 

I have mixed feelings about this about-face.  It is a tough cookie to swallow, the end of a lifelong dream.   Especially since we didn't  get nearly as far as we had hoped.  Still, we are ready to close this chapter.  For one thing, we are HOT!   Hot and bothered.  I come from New England and Bruce is from Wisconsin - and it seems we are not cut out for long-term living in tropical heat.   When we find ourselves sweating before 10:00 in the morning as we sip coffee, we look at each other with weariness and sigh.   Another day in the heat.

We decided months ago that the goal of reaching the East coast via the Panama Canal was lofty.   Still, I find myself daydreaming of those pristine islands in the Carribean that we didn't make it to.  Why do I do this?  Pine away for what could have been?

In the end, with over 6,000 nautical miles of sea passing under our hull, we are content.  We have not only passed through Mexico, but embraced it and lived it, experiencing both coastal and inland communities.  

This morning I was lamenting the fact that we didn't reach Panama, and Bruce and I were worrying about where we are headed over the next few weeks and months.  Our wise Zen master, Carmen, looked at us and said, "Can we please stop planning and live in the Now?   Isn't that what this trip is supposed to be?"

Thank you, Carmen, for keeping us on track.   

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  1. A wise young lady is Carmen... beyond her tender years.. Norene