Sunday, January 20, 2013

Break in the Silence

Break in the Silence
Finally, an entry on Bruce’s page of the blog is here.  I was originally thinking of writing every significant change in Latitude to track changes in attitude or each border crossing or other physical progress milestone to log our personal progress.  But in truth, writing on a blog does not appeal to me for there is no defined audience; most likely it will only be a few souls that happen to stumble upon my ramblings. What if big brother reads and profiles me or future potential employer or maybe even my mother-in-law.   What should one write about, details of the boat or how the sails were set or the personal relationship of the family members trapped on this 50 ft piece of steel or just describing the ever passing beauty of the world passing by our decks.  To do one subject would be an injustice to the whole and to cover all would be exhaustive and I am too busy in paradise.  However, today I throw caution to the wind and will let the fingers pound out a few of my observations and thoughts of the day.

It is sunrise over the blue bay of Tenacatita, Mexico and we are sharing this anchorage with around 20 other boats.  The community of boats wanes and waxes with departures and arrivals each day which maintains enough change to keep it interesting.  Jim the self-proclaimed mayor of this community holds weekly gatherings to keep the boat folks connected and each morning runs a radio net like a small community public radio station with weather and local news and other items of interest broadcasted between the boats.  There is the daily swim ashore, bocce ball on the beach, Mexican train dominos in the palapas, yoga and volleyball every other day. 
The past few days have been more on the lines of what we had envisioned years ago.  Wake up to quiet beautiful sunrise, do a few tasks around the boat.  Dive off the boat into clear water to cool off and then play.  Kids on a small sailing dingy (borrowed from another boat), snorkeling, playing in the beach waves and then pulled behind our dingy on a surf board.  Jen getting in some Yoga time with other souls from the community and I played some beach volleyball.  All this feed by generally cheap Mexican food and drink.   The one element that we hoped for but has only slightly developed was to have more kids on other boats, so we find ourselves here awaiting a boat we know is coming with two kids.
Now that we have made it to now, we are attempting to figure out what the longer term voyage will be and where to end up.  The big push to East Coast of the US is off the table for 2013.  The plan – which we have learned is a four letter word in cruising – may end up being going a bit further south on the Pacific Coast and then back to Mexico to haul the boat for an extended period or not.  The significance is that we have done what we set out to do and whatever we do from here is bonus and if we had to pack it up today I would be happy.  The passage to now is done and now we are living for the day and all it brings.
So my first blog entry ended up being at a significant milestone, our arrival, so in the present it is back to the tropical sun and fun. 


  1. You know, Cuz, I've always loved your writing style, from way back when you sent letters addressed only to "Cuz Ugh" at my dorm at MU while you traveled the world. Such fun to read this!

  2. I am a French girl and your writing style make me crazy, and don't understand ..

  3. Good writing, Bruce. I'm so glad you decided to take the plunge and write. I hope Jen and the children have been writing too even if not posting their comments. I had hoped to hook up with you all someplace during March, but not sure where you'll be. Maybe if you know within a window of a couple weeks, I could get a plane flight to El Salvadore. I miss you all - haven't talked with my grandchidren much at all during these six months. Maybe they could write me some emails - easier than trying to connect by phone.
    Mom Phyllis