Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding Alaska in Mexico

If you squint your eyes so you can't see the cacti and pretend you have clothes on instead of a bikini, you might think you were in Alaska at this untouched bay in Ensenada Carrizal, near Santiago, Mexico. A rocky shoreline, too steep to land on, a small gravel beach and lush green mountains encircle this almost closed-off circular bay.

Last evening around sunset, when we arrived, we heard the crashing of water on rocks, a sound we had not heard for a very long time, as much of this coastline is sand beach which absorbs the sound of water more than rough rocky outcroppings do. We were also pleasantly surprised to see no development in this natural bay. No palapas lining the beach, no bands or dj's announcing human presence into the wee hours of the night. The final touch that brought a huge sigh of relief to me, there was not one other boat anchored here. Aaaaahhhhhh. Wilderness.

Only a few miles via land from the major city of Manzanillo, for some reason this bay has been left untouched. Perhaps because there are not sandy beaches nor electricity. No roads can access it. There is evidence of an attempt long ago to build a structure but nature has taken over the foundation and steps.

I don't mean to imply that we are not enjoying the sand beaches, the mariachi bands, the camaraderie of other cruising sailboats. We are certainly loving these non-Alaskan experiences. However, for a few days, this little slice of untouched wilderness suits us.

We are getting the kayak and paddle board in the water, preparing to snorkel and paddle a little, then return to anchor for a siesta and lunch. A little school work this evening when it cools and later tonight, stargazing in the hammocks. It is nice to be warm, to play in and near the water. This is a perfect blending of Alaskan-style wilderness and Mexican tropical weather. Magical.

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  1. nice to hear you found some solitude! we enjoyed our time soooo much onboard the northern passage, I'm wondering why I left! Its so cod her its hard to believe we were swimming outside just a few days ago. Thanks for such a wonderful experience!