Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alaskan Wildlife As Seen From S/V Northern Passage

While I type up my next blog entry, I am posting a little photo essay of some of the incredible wildlife we have seen in the past few weeks while traveling around Alaska.  Remarkable creatures, all of them - enjoy!

One very happy sea star feasting on muscles - at the dock in Pelican, AK

Dahl porpoises regularly swim with us, moving across the bow with ease, fast as lightning and playful

Lounging Stellar Sea Lions near Resurrection Bay.

Jellies and the fish that like to hang with them, taken with our new underwater camera from a dock.

Sea otters.  Curious creatures, I love these guys.  They float around on their backs as if they have not a care in the world.

A yearling, or 2-year-old, bald eagle.
We think this is a brown bear?  But not sure, as its nose looks more black-bear like. 

I think seagulls get a bad rap for being garbage birds - they are magnificently beautiful flyers.  For my grandma Lygia.

This was taken at about 10:00pm, gotta love Alaskan light.

A pod of Orcas swam past us - many times.  This group looked like a family to us.  They emerged out of the fog one day.

Oyster catchers in flight.

We never tire of seeing eagles, a common bird around here yet always so intriguing and huge!

A mama otter with a pretty large pup napping on her belly, reminded me of hauling around sleeping toddlers!

A favorite place for sea lions to hang out and honk - they make the craziest sounds.

An eagle in flight.....ahhhhhhhh.

Not a WILD animal by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to include our Tiger in this collage.
Sea lions splashing around!  We had never seen them so active, only lounging on rocks before this time in the inside passage.

I love these little birds, I think Common Muhrrs (I probably spelled that incorrectly), they seem to line up in a row when they swim off, and they look like mini loons.

The whales.  Nothing more to say except.  WOW!  We saw at least a dozen, more if you count all of the spouts on distant shores.  It was a magical day.  And it was my birthday!  Traveling along the south side of Frederick sound toward Petersburg.


  1. Happy birthday, Jen. You gave us the present. Thanks.


  2. Fantastic photos. I wish I could have been there for part of that trip. Will you ever do it again? What thrilling sights. You are sweet to include that picture of gulls along with "for Grandma Lygia." She did love the gulls - and all birds. And loved being "on the go" as you do.

  3. Beautiful photos! It will be interesting to watch how the wildlife and scenery change during your travels.

  4. What a great collection of photos, Jen! Thanks for posting them. And, a belated "Happy Birthday" to you. Looks like you had a wonderful day with the whales joining the celebration.

  5. Hi Jen,

    I'm Michael Remigino's sister. I love reading your blog and am hoping to somehow incorporate it into my 3rd grade classroom this year. Maybe we can communicate with the kids. My intent is to inspire children to write and benefit from your amazing trip. Looking forward to reading future blogs. Please respond back when you can and let me know what you think.

    Pat Geer

  6. Hi Jen! Your dad put me onto your voyage and it has taken me some time to navigate around Facebook; don't think I could ever go on the open sea without getting lost. I hope you and your family are enjoying the voyage and will check back for some more pics...they are terrific. Have a safe voyage.

    Chuck Claffey

  7. Jen,
    Your photos of Alaskan wildlife make me so homesick. Even though I am immersed in Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez and the amazing wildlife and friendly people/fellow cruisers, I dearly miss our home State. What a remarkable life you and Bruce are giving your children. I am so enjoying your blog. Our love and safe travel wishes to you, Bruce, Richard and Carmen. Beth (BethAnnMathews)